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The gigantic rocks of Meteora dominate imposingly in Kalampaka between Koziakas and Antichasion mountains. This masterpiece of nature reveals all its splendor for centuries as a unique beauty geological phenomenon and an important monument of Orthodoxy. Meteora designated the second Mount Athos continue the monastic tradition for nearly six centuries. Read More...


Kalampaka is known all over Greece and the world because of the famous monasteries that exist on the top of the rocks of the Meteora that are at the north-eastern side of it. Every year, millions of visitors come from all over the world in order to admire and honour them. If it's needed, they stay at Kalampaka and Kastraki. Read More...

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The word Kalampaka, according to Transliteration ISO843 is written as Kalampaka and not Kalambaka or Kalabaka as some people believe...

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