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Other sights in the area of ​​Meteora

  • The monastery of the Holy Cross in Krania of Kalampaka

    Το Μοναστήρι του Τιμίου Σταυρού στη Κρανιά ΚαλαμπάκαςIt is located between Doliana and Krania in the heart of the southern Pindos. It is about 50 kilometers away from Kalampaka being connected to the main road, a 500 kilometer long dirt road. It is built on a ridge of about 1.150 meters. However, it isn’t visible from the main road as a forest of huge firs covers it. It must have been built in the 17th century… (Read more…)

  • The Theopetra cave in Kalampaka

    The Theopetra cave in KalampakaOn the Trikala-Kalampaka road, 3 kilometers before Meteora, a rocky limestone mass rises above the village of Theopetra, on the northeast side of which is the cave of the same name. It is the westernmost prehistoric site of the Thessalian plain, located at the foot of the Hasia mountain range, which is also the natural border between Thessaly and Epirus… (Read more…)

  • Monastery of Saint Vissarion (Dousiko)

    Monastery of Saint Vissarion (Dousiko)At an altitude of 750 m on the slopes of Koziakas, the monastery was re-founded between 1527-1535 by Saint Vissarionas, archbishop of Larissa, when the saint was ex-priest of Stagon. On the place of the church built by Saint Vissarion with the help of his brother Ignatius, the current cathedral of the monastery was built from the ground up in 1557 by the metropolitan of Larissa Neophytos II and the bishops… (Read more…)

  • Antichasia-Meteora mountains. Special Protection Area

    Antichasia-Meteora mountains. Special Protection AreaThe biotope “Mount Antichasia-Meteora” occupies the largest part of the Antichasia Mountains, which are located in the northeastern part of the Prefecture of Trikala. They are low mountains and are crossed by small mountain rivers, the most important of which are the Murganis and the Litheos, which are tributaries of the Pinios river. The western part of the area includes the rocks of Meteora… (Read more…)

  • Koziakas and Aspropotamos

    Koziakas and AspropotamosIt is the mount Koziakas and the mount Kerketion and the foam-crowned river Acheloos, Aspropotamos. The mountainous areas that belong to the prefecture of Trikala have been included in the National Catalog of the European Network NATURE 2000 (NATURA 2000), in accordance with the European Union Directive… (Read more…)